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buy my flour

Don’t want to mix your own flour blend?
I have it already packaged in convenient 5 lb bags ready for use!

Gluten Free Flour I am having a commercial version made that works cup-for-cup just like regular flour and will work in all* gluten free recipes that call for flour as well.

My Gourmet ALL PURPOSE GLUTEN FREE FLOUR that tastes and bakes like regular wheat flour but is gluten free!

While developing new recipes for my Simply Gluten Free Desserts cookbook, I found that other flour blends on the market were too gritty and had a “cardboard” taste to them that was ruining the texture and the flavor of my desserts.

I decided a “gourmet flour blend” was needed for not only normal cooking and baking requirements but that would also satisfy my gluten free cooking needs up to the level of “pastry quality” and refined enough for even the most delicate of pastries.

Here is a commercial version that you can buy and use as needed!

In fact…would you like my Simply…Gluten Free Desserts cookbook AND a bag of flour?








You won’t need ME anymore!!  Yikkes!   But you will make GREAT gluten free desserts and breakfast treats!!

Wishing you the very best!

xo, Gluten Free Carol Kicinski sig


*Note: Gluten free breads require additional ingredients that contain proteins to make it raise properly. This flour is not intended for bread making.

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  • Annie Dawkins

    I am excited to get this cookbook and start cooking again

    • CarolKicinski

      Thanks Annie, enjoy!